What is Montessori method?

The Montessori method is a method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori who was a child psychologist. She studied the behaviour of the children and came up with this well thought out precise scientific method of learning.

General Questions

  • 1. In a regular kindergarten children of same age put together in a class. In a pure Montessori, its mixed age group learning, which mimics home environment where the young learn from the older children, and the older children take care of the younger one and also learn empathy and sharing.

    2. In a pure Montessori, children are encouraged be independent. They choose an activity, perform the task and also wind up once they complete the task. In a kindergarten children are in the task by the adult and they need to perform.

    3. Children are encouraged to ask questions explore in a Montessori which is absent in a kg environment.

    4. Montessori learning and sure all round personality development by introducing botany, zoology, history, science experiments dance, music, story telling etc... ensuring experiential learning. Definitely missing in kg preschools.

    5. A pure Montessori follows phonetics and has a excellent road map for language development which is province to be better.

    6. The Math program does not limit the child upto 100, but introduce the decimal system followed by addition, subtraction, multiplication etc...

    7. Montessori education believes in laying strong foundation for the child. They also offer daily life activities like chapathi rolling, pounding, chopping, grating, pouring etc... which are practically applicable in real life which is absent in a KG school.

  • Montessori School uses lot of wooden materials as part of their learning which adds up to the infrastructure cost so they may be more expensive than a regular KG School.

  • It's proven for many years that children from a Montessori learning environment, have far greater reading/writing capabilities. They can form sentences and read paragraphs by the time they are 5. Math, as mentioned before, you would find them doing the mathematical operations.

  • Definitely, Our children who passed out from KEN Montessori has got admission into TCIS, NPS, VIBGYOR High, LAURENCE High School, EURO School, ZEE School, GEAR International, ST. PETERS, AMAATRA Academy, MUTHA Elementary, IML to name a few.

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